The fact is that this is still a very critical time and regardless where people gather (especially in churches) and the safety measures adopted, there are persons still catching the virus and some even dying from it. Therefore, I can’t stress more emphatically how important it will be for everyone to observe some new rules in the interest of public safety.
Masks will be STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! Everyone (with the exception of nuclear families) will have to maintain a proper distance from each other once they enter the building, there will be no passing the peace nor will I will be standing at the back of the sanctuary shaking hands and greeting everyone at the beginning and conclusion of the service, hand sanitizer will be available around the building and bulletins placed in the narthex for persons to pick up as they enter the sanctuary, collection plates will also be placed in the narthex for people to put their offerings in as they come in so as to limit contact with them, when Communion is conducted, persons will come forward to receive the elements which will prevent anyone other than the server from touching the trays,
There will be no social time before or after worship, no more renting of the facilities to anyone at this time, the pre-school will probably have to be shut down until further notice, the facility will be cleaned regularly with special attention paid to wiping down the pews and thoroughly cleaning the nursery (if used) as well as the rest rooms. If, even with all the precautionary measures in place, some people STILL have concerns, they’ll be encouraged to stay home until they feel safe enough to return knowing that a printed copy of the weekly sermon would still be made available to them on a regular basis. These rules are non-negotiable and will be strictly enforced.