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As we now find ourselves in the ecclesiastical season of Lent, I have been preaching a ten-part series I’ve called “the Stations of the Cross” which began on Sunday, Feb. 7 th with Jesus’s arrest at Gethsemane and will conclude on April 1 st, Maundy Thursday, with a sermon on the Ninth Station of the Cross, “The Cross of
Christ.” The latter will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of the Deer Creek United Presbyterian Church and will be a shorter service than our regular Sunday worship. It will conclude with Holy Communion. Here’s how the remainder of the series will unfold:
Sunday, Feb. 28 (2 nd Sunday in Lent)- Fourth Station of the Cross: Jesus or Barabbas
Sunday, Mar. 7 (3 rd Sunday in Lent)- Fifth Station of the Cross: Jesus Is Mocked
Sunday, Mar. 14 (4 th Sunday in Lent)- Sixth Station of the Cross: Simon of Cyrene
Sunday, Mar. 21 (5 th Sunday in Lent)- Seventh Station of the Cross: Jesus Speaks to the Women
Sunday, Mar. 28 (Palm Sunday)- Eighth Station of the Cross: Jesus Is Stripped of his Garments
Sunday, Apr. 1 (Maundy Thursday)- Ninth Station of the Cross: Jesus Is Crucified
Sunday, Apr. 4 (Easter Sunday) Christ Is Risen!

If you are interested in any of the sermons in this series or missed any of the earlier ones, you can read them on-line or even download them here from our website and print them out if you know someone who might like to follow along. I pray that you will have a richly meaningful season of Lent and that it builds anticipation for that supreme event in the Christian Church, our Lord’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.
-Pastor Dave Wood